Snit Flickr Image module is a Joomla module that shows the images from a flickr id. This flickr images will show one by one in a  scroll box. The features of this module are as follow:

1. You can get flickr images from 3 ways, by flickr username, email address or userid  from admin.

2. You can fix image box height and width from administrator. 

3. You can use CSS Arrow or Image arrow.

4. You can fix the arrow position from administrator.

5. You can fix number of images that will show in image box.

6. Change arrow color from admin of the module.

7. Control time of scroll.

9. Control circular image or not.

10. After click on thumbnail images it will display the images in light box.

11. Display the flickr image title.

12. Auto Scroll Mode.

It is only for 20$.

Mail me for the module at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click on the Buy Now button below. After payment it will redirect you to download page.